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Product Release notes

Copilot Beta Updates

Take a peek at the newest features from Copilot on May 18, 2022.
  • New Feature: Forms for Salesforce is now supported.
  • New Feature: Forms Checkbox fields can be mapped to Documents.
  • New Feature: Forms Signature images can be mapped to a Documents field.
  • New Feature: Value from list-type fields can be individually mapped. Value representing email address can be mapped as Forms step assignee or Sign participant.
  • New Feature: Support smart list in Forms list-type fields.
  • New Feature: Support smart list in Forms short answer text fields.
  • New Feature: Forms Product/Event fields supported.
  • New Feature: Add ability to customize the Next button in a custom step message.
  • Fixed an issue where step message was showing “0 of 0 completed”.
  • Removed Formstack image from customized step messages.
  • Fixed several issues with dropdown assignment feature.

Recently Released Features

  • Folder sharing to allow multiple collaborators to build workflows together.
  • Rich Text Custom Step Messages
  • Forms Metadata fields can be mapped.
  • Multiple Assignees can be set up for a Forms step.