Spring 2021 Release

From integrating with Microsoft, sending documents for signature via SMS, to managing your account the way you need, you can adapt to whatever the workday brings with the Formstack Spring 2021 release.
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Formstack Forms meets Microsoft

Connect the data you collect through Formstack to your Microsoft systems.

With our Formstack Forms and Microsoft Power Automate integration, you can collect all the submission data you need and connect it to the Microsoft tools you rely on each day. 

Seamlessly create new records and update existing data in Microsoft Dynamics so you always know exactly who your customers are, or feed submitted data directly into an Excel spreadsheet or Sharepoint list to stay on track.

You can also store uploads, photos, and other submitted files  in your Microsoft OneDrive account, and notify your team when a form submission has been completed via Microsoft Teams.

To learn more about the Microsoft Power Automate integration, watch this video or check out our step-by-step video tutorial.

If you’d like to take a look at the setup process, visit this support article.

Don’t have Forms and want to give it a try? Sign up for a 14-day free trial.

Formstack Forms
Sign International SMS/Text delivery now supports 241 countries

Get documents signed faster with Sign International SMS/Text.

For signers who are always on the move, Sign International SMS/Text delivery is a faster, more convenient way to get documents signed quickly with real-time SMS/text notifications sent directly to the signer’s mobile device.

With this release, we now support a whopping 241 countries! Leverage the powerful duo of SMS/text and email together to expand your reach and get documents signed faster than ever.

Start using Sign International SMS/Text today with this easy step-by-step guide.

Sign International SMS/Text is available for all Sign Pro users.

Pair Formstack Documents with Microsoft

Automate your document generation with Formstack Documents and Microsoft Power Automate.

In addition to Forms, Microsoft Power Automate can also be connected to Formstack Documents! With this integration, users can create an end-to-end document generation solution with their favorite Microsoft data sources, such as Dynamics, SharePoint, Excel, and more. Once your document is generated, deliver it to customers and employees automatically through over 40 different delivery methods, including email, eSignature, and cloud storage.

To learn how to set up the Microsoft Power Automate integration with Formstack Documents, please visit this support article.

If you don’t have Documents yet and would like to give it a try, sign up for a free 14-day trial.

Formstack Workflows
Keep your account secure and easily manage users

From enabling two-factor authentication to adding and editing users in bulk, Formstack’s newest updates make managing your account easier than ever.

If you’re an account admin, having the ability to adjust account-wide security settings is important. With the newest account management release, admins can force two-factor authentication for all users on an account. This security setting can add another layer of protection for your organization. Learn more about how to do this in your account here

To make managing your users even simpler, admins can also add and edit users in bulk. Let’s say you’re bringing a new department, like HR, to Formstack. That team could have 10+ employees who now need an account. Instead of adding each user individually, the admin can add users in bulk by uploading a CSV file. Want to try this out for yourself? Take a peek at how this works.

In addition to adding users in bulk,  you can also update their access levels, resend account invites, and even remove users by selecting multiple users at once. Check out this help document to learn more.

These account management updates are part of a new experience we have been progressively rolling out over the past year. If you’re not seeing  these updates in your account yet, you will very soon!

Formstack Forms for Salesforce

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